William Preston, Sumi-e painter of Santa Fe, NM
Sumi-e of cactus flowers by William Preston, Santa Fe sumi painter and teacher

sumi of cactus flowersCactus flowers in sumi

Cactus with bees-butterflycactus flowers in sumi

Sumi - unframed

The sumi-e to the left are available and can be ordered via e-mail or by phone. Prices range from $25 - $150 for mounted paintings. Inquire via e-mail about specific images. Insects and other single subjects are available by order, in 5x7 mats (easily obtained standard 9x12 frame) for $30.(Samples to be posted soon.) Shipping is $10.
T-shirts are $25 + shipping.

303 County Road 84
Santa Fe, NM 87506
ph/fax 505|455-3496

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flowers in sunrise sumi landscape
sumi butterfly and flower