William Preston, Sumi-e painter of Santa Fe, NM William Preston| sumi-e painter
Sumi-e & Oriental w.c. by William Preston, SW sumi painter
Sumi-e by William Preston, Southwest Sumi painter Sumi-e by William Preston, Santa Fe Sumi Artist

Sumi - 2011

William welcomes 2012 with the Santa Fe Jin Matsuri to get ready for in late March, and a show with two other Sumi-e artists in Albuquerque in mid- April. William is thankful for all the blessings the year has brought, and for having the good health and energy to enjoy the challenges. The duo show at Back Street Bistro with his wife Marianne Hornbuckle was very successful - the opening well -attended and enjoyed by all. The show ends Jan.6.

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303 County Road 84
Santa Fe, NM 87506
ph/fax 505|455-3496

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Sumi-e by Wiliam Preston, Southwest Sumi painter Sumi-e by Wiliam Preston, Southwest Sumi painter
Sumi-e by Wiliam Preston, Southwest Sumi painter "Summer Pond", koi painting by WPreston, Santa Fe Sumi painter
Koi Study, sumi&Chinese wc by William Preston, inkpainter "Koi Pond", sumi painting by W Preston
3 Waterlillies & Koi, Sumi & wc by WPreston, Inkpainter Waterlily &3 Koi, Sumi & Chinese wc by WPreston, Inkpainter

Dark Pond, Sumi/wc by William Preston

Shrimps, sumi-e by William Preston

arroyo in sumi ink and &Chinese Watercolor abstract sumi-e
abstract sumi-e, titled Spring abstract sumi-e
Sumi'e of waterlilies by William Preston Sumi ink and Chinese watercolor by Wm Preston
abstract sumi lanscape by William Preston Prickley Pear blossoms with Bee in sumi & Chinese watercolor by William Preston
abstract sumi-e by William Preston new sumi t-shirt by William Preston