William Preston, Sumi-e painter of Santa Fe, NM William Preston| sumi-e painter
Winter landscape by William Preston, inkpainter of Santa Fe, NM

abstract sumi-esnowy January in high desert New Mexico - sumi and Chinese watercolor

abstract sumi-eabstract sumi-e, titled Spring

Sumi - 2010

As William grows older, he values this quote from Van Cliburn: " An artist can be truly evaluated only after he is dead. At the very eleventh hour he might do something that will eclipse everything else."


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303 County Road 84
Santa Fe, NM 87506
ph/fax 505|455-3496

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snowy desert patterns in sumi ink & Chinese watercolor Sumi ink and Chinese watercolor by Wm Preston
ink and brush painting of Cactus bloom by Wm Preston Sumi'e of waterlilies by William Preston
arroyo in sumi ink and &Chinese Watercolor abstract sumi lanscape by William Preston
Prickley Pear blossoms with Bee in sumi & Chinese watercolor by William Preston abstract sumi-e by William Preston
sumi-e of pond life by William Preston Sumi-e of NMwinter

sumi-e of cactus by William Preston

new sumi t-shirt by William Preston