William Preston, Sumi-e painter of Santa Fe, NM William Preston| sumi-e painter
Path through the cactus in the  desert foothills
Rose cactus flower Oriental inkand brushpainting of desert foothills

Sumi - 2008

William Preston’s sumi and Chinese water-color paintings go well beyond traditional subjects and approaches in his continuing exploration of this difficult genre.  His mastery of the
medium combines with his long experience with the Southwestern landscape, creating beautiful spontaneous expressions on
delicate rice paper.

303 County Road 84
Santa Fe, NM 87506
ph/fax 505|455-3496

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Chinese watercolor es rise on the paper
wintery path through the high desert colorful cactus and red cactus bloom
Prickley pear cactus and blooms form a cross on the dark desert ground Yellow cactus blooms on  prickly pear pads
Brilliant yellow cactus bloom among budding cactus flowers
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